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Robinson-Clarke Equestrian

Trainer and professional Dressage rider Kendall Robinson-Clarke works with a variety of horses, focusing on individual physicality, energy, and attitude. She credits her degree in Equine Business Management for much of her deep knowledge of horse behavior and her philosophy: consider the whole horse - nutrition, healthcare, daily conditioning, and a training program for competition.


Through proper technique and positive education, RCE clients learn to be in harmony with their horses to improve performance and healthful movement.  Kendall is an enthusiastic competitor on her own horse Qoncorde, as well as client horses, at shows up and down the West Coast.

Contact to learn more about our offerings:

  • Correct foundation and starting young horses

  • Classical training - including non-competitors 

  • Flat work for Jumpers

  • Select Rehab services 

  • Haul-in lessons  

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